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Bank Supports Heart of Catskill Association

The Bank of Greene County is happy to support the Heart of Catskill Association with Music in the Park and the Cat’s Meow Auction and Gala.  Donald Gibson, President and CEO, stated how important community is to the Bank:

“The Bank has been a major sponsor of Catskill Music In The Park and Cat’n Around Catskill for many years.  We are always proud to partner with local community organizations, and give back to our communities.  Catskill Music In The Park, as well as the other summer concert series we sponsor, really bring the community together.”

Don further stated “The Bank is always glad to sponsor a Cat’n Around Catskill Cat.  This year, it was our unique pleasure to cross-promote within our communities by sponsoring “Hippy Kitty Turns 50” by Holly Huzar, which was displayed outside our Woodstock Branch, and “Woodstock Maple”, a six-foot tall guitar by Rennie Cantine, which was displayed outside our Main Street Catskill Branch.  Both our Catskill Branch and Woodstock Branch received a lot of positive feedback with regards to our cat and guitar ‘ambassadors’.”

The Annual Cat’s Meow Auction and Gala is Saturday, September 21st, at 4PM, at the Historic Catskill Point.  Proceeds from the auction of the Cat’n Around Catskill Cats helps support the Heart of Catskill Association as well as local organizations.

Headquartered in Catskill, the Bank of Greene County is the only locally based bank with offices in Greene, Albany, Columbia and Ulster Counties. Proudly serving the Hudson Valley for over 130 years.

Heart of Catskill Assn

Don Gibson and Allen Austin present a donation to Peter Markou, President of the Heart of Catskill Association

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