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Savings, Money Market, and CD Accounts

Our flexible savings options include accounts with low average monthly balance requirements, CDs (Certificate of Deposit accounts) and even automatic loan repayment.  Open an account today and receive a competitive interest rate with any of our savings accounts.

e-Savings Account

An electronic savings account with a competitive interest rate. Monthly fee waived with average balance requirement.

Passbook & Statement Accounts

The classic account that never goes out of style. Monthly fee waived with average balance requirement.

More Yield Passbook & More Yield Statement Accounts

A savings account that puts your money to work for you. Tiered interest rate, and monthly fee waived with average balance requirement.

Holiday Club

Save during the year for the Holidays! You can automatically transfer from a selected account into your Holiday Club, and have the money direct deposited right before the Holidays!  This account is available in passbook, statement, and electronic form.

Money Market Accounts

A great account if you want limited check writing privileges on a savings account! A competitive tiered interest rate, and the monthly fee is waived with average balance requirement.

Next Generations Student Savings Account

The perfect account for students under 18! No minimum balance, no service charges, and a competitive interest rate!

Passbook student savings option also available.

Certificates of Deposit

CDs and IRAs offered in passbook, statement, or electronic format. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required, but there are no monthly maintenance fees or service charges.

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