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The Bank of Greene County offers mortgages and consumer loans – and the expert staff to guide you through the process.  To obtain a mortgage or loan application, stop by any of our branches, or call (518) 943-1424.

The Bank of Greene County can help you apply for a mortgage to purchase a new home or to refinance the home you already own.  You can also apply for a construction loan in order to build.  When estimating the amount of money that you may be qualified to borrow, a rough rule-of-thumb is that you can afford to allocate one-third of your before-tax income to housing. A mortgage payment would probably be a large part of this allocation, which also includes upkeep, utilities and homeowner's insurance.

If you have trouble getting to your Bank of Greene County branch during business hours, our full time Mortgage Originator can meet you in your home or office at your convenience. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your application.

Consumer Loans

Consumer loans are any non-mortgage loans. This includes new and used automobile loans, recreational vehicle loans, personal loans, and home equity loans. 

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