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The Bank of Greene County customers can safely access all of their accounts - completely FREE of charge - to get account balances, see transactional data, make loan payments, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills and apply for loans.

Please note that self-enrollment is available for personal accounts only.  If you're interested in setting up internet banking for your business, please contact us.

As a security practice, you will be asked to change your password once every 90 days.  When your password expires, you will not be notified by email.  Instead, you will be prompted to change your password once you have successfully logged into Internet Banking.

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You will be prompted for your social security number.  For additional instructions, our User's Guide is available.  If you have any difficulty, please contact us at (518)943-2600.

If you would prefer to print an application, click here.  Please be sure to fill out all of the requested information so that we can activate your internet banking account as quickly as possible. 

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Internet Banking Requirements and Safety Practices
Our Internet Banking site is a secure site that uses SSL (secure socket layer) 128-bit encryption technology. For this reason, you should observe the following practices while banking with us online:

  • For security purposes, make sure that your browser supports 128-bit data encryption. If it does not, you must upgrade it before attempting to use TBGC Internet Banking.
  • While using Internet Banking, please refrain from using the Back and Forward buttons on your browser until you have left the online banking system. Instead, use the navigation menus on the left side of the screen.
  • Do not leave your computer for prolonged lengths of time while banking. For your protection, idle time will cause a security disconnect from the banking site.
  • Make sure your virus software is running and is up to date before conducting any banking business on this site. Our site is virus free, but existing viruses in your computer may be "watching what you are doing," and could send information to malicious parties.
  • For security reasons, keep your login ID and password private.  Passwords will expire every 90 days.

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