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Next Generation Savings Account

Check out the Bank's online Student Savings account, just for kids!

Click here for more information about the Next Generation Savings Account!

 What is the Student Savings Program?

  • A program involving the local school districts created to help kids learn about saving money.
  • Bank employees visit schools on a weekly basis in order to collect deposits from kids and give away prizes!
  • The Bank offers an online student savings account as well as a traditional passbook student savings account

What school districts are currently participating?

  • Berne-Knox-Westerlo
  • Cairo-Durham
  • Catskill Elementary
  • Chatham
  • Germantown
  • Hudson City
  • Ichabod Crane
  • Hunter/Tannersville
  • Windham-Ashland-Jewett 

How can I get my school involved?

  • Contact The Bank of Greene County Marketing Department at (518) 943-2600

Even if your school district does not participate in a Student Savings Program, you can still participate individually at any of our Branch Offices!

Penny's Savings Tips

Put your money in the bank to earn interest!

Don't spend all of your allowance - make sure to put some in the Bank and save it for something special!

Keep track of what you put in (deposits) and what you take out (withdrawals).  With the Bank's Next Generation Savings Account, you can check your balance online at any time, even when the Bank is closed!